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"Excel Resources was able to quickly filter through and select top-notch candidates to fill my specific needs for each opening. It saved me a lot of time and I got some great employees.”

-Richard Abbott Idaho Technology

Excel Resources Recruiting provides outstanding career search and placement opportunities for both hiring companies and aspiring candidates.

As a company insearch of qualified candidates, your employment resources are normally very limited and yet very costly. At Excel Resources, we provide you with a free candidate search that includes initial interviews and screening, background checks, and most importantly, a resource of finding candidates who may not be actively pursuing job leads. Excel Resources will strive to provide you with as many candidates as needed, until we all agree on the ideal placement.

As a candidate in search of a potential job opportunity, Excel Resources can provide you with a comprehensive and confidential job search. Most everyone is looking to advance and reach his or her career potential as soon as possible. Excel Resources grants you the opportunity to explore the entire regional job market at no cost to you. Once a placement is made, Excel Resources will be compensated for their time and effort from the employer. There is never a fee for aspiring applicants.

Whether you are looking to hire the ideal candidate or you are looking to advance your career, please allow Excel Resources the opportunity to conduct a search for you.

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